has been on the shipbuilding market for almost 20 years. It was founded by experts from the Polish Navy, Tri-City shipbuilding industry and international shipping fleet. Due to its stable and efficient growth it was transformed into a limited liability company in 2014, and soon became the leader in the sector of ship renovation and equipment, specialising in sanitary and HVAC systems.

More than 50 qualified shipyard workers support each project on the technical and construction side. Navy-San, with the headquarters in Gdynia, delivers its services worldwide, with a focus on the Baltic Sea and Northern Europe.


In July 2016 Quality Policy of the organisation was formulated and approved together with the mission statement „to ensure life safety and comfort of work for crews of vessels through professional and environment friendly services”. This means that our entire team focuses on the results, so that Navy-San could deliver better and safer living and working conditions for crews of ships and vessels.


Professional Project Management

– from consulting and defining the scope of work, through technical documentation, delivery and installation, to launching and servicing.

Top Quality Implementation

guaranteed by professional and result-driven experts from the Polish Navy, international shipping fleet and shipbuilding industry.


in more than 200 completed renovation and equipment projects in Poland and around the world. Present on the shipbuilding market for almost 20 years.

Advanced Tools

– workshops, tool park and vehicle fleet.


– implementation of projects everywhere in Poland and abroad.

Family Business

with shipbuilding traditions – we treat work with respect, pass on the knowledge and competence from generation to generation.


Robert Bursiewicz
Robert Bursiewicz Kierownik Biura Handlowego / Prezes Zarządu
Sławomir Bursiewicz
Sławomir Bursiewicz Kierownik Biura Projektów
Kacper Gabryś
Kacper Gabryś Wiceprezes Zarządu
Sylwia Kubach
Sylwia Kubach Kierownik Biura Wsparcia
Dariusz Ciechanowicz
Dariusz Ciechanowicz Kierownik Projektu
Bartosz Jakubowski
Bartosz Jakubowski Kierownik Projektu
Daniel Kozłowski
Daniel Kozłowski Główny Technolog
Stanisław Rybka
Stanisław Rybka Technolog
Julita Sargun
Julita Sargun Specjalista Biura Projektów
Arkadiusz Mielewczyk
Arkadiusz Mielewczyk Kierownik Robót
Jakub Kozłowski
Jakub Kozłowski Kierownik Robót
Roch Miszewski
Roch Miszewski Specjalista ds. Zaopatrzenia
Rafał  Jakubowski
Rafał Jakubowski Kierownik Działu Zaopatrzenia i Logistyki